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  • Middle School


    Welcome to Middle School

    Middle School covers the first three years of secondary education, between Years levels 7 to 9. The middle school cycle is that of the consolidation of learning. The knowledge acquired during the primary cycle is deepened and initiated by teh introduction of other scientific subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology . Equipements : KGS middle school offers modern equipment adapted to all types of activities : A computer room made available to students for their research work. A library regularly fed for tutorials. An outdoor space for activities and a spacious refectory. The whole premises is controlled by a video surveillance system to ensure the safety of children.


    • 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm
    • Lot 1,riad targa Masmoudi Marrakech
    Fieldtrip to Marrakech Museum of Astronomy

    Learning at school, learning outside the school ! #khalilgibranschool organizes a fieldtrip to Marrakech Museum of Astronomy for year 9 students. This outing will offer students an inspiring, curriculum-linked experience, with unparalleled opportunities to discover the universe and its planets. The outing will take place on Tuesday February 19th, 2019 from 14pm to 16.30pm.


    A range of wide learning initiatives including trips, inter-school competitions and extracurricular activities are organised to support the academic subjects. Learners are also involved in community service programmes, environmental and entrepreneurial projects connected directly to their curriculum. Project-based learning and inquiry are also threaded through most of the core subjects, providing students with authentic learning opportunities.


    Our aim is to guide our pupils to confidently make their own informed decisions and embrace new challenges, instilling them with a life-long enthusiasm for learning.