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  • About our School

    We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

    Since its foundation in 1986, Khalil Gibran School has been on a steady growth path. In addition to being a trilingual school (English, Arabic  and French), Khalil Gibran School is a pioneer in Morocco with it’s international, rich and diverse educational program where two systems exist side by side and complement each other (the Moroccan and the British System). Khalil Gibran school has been the first school to equip its classrooms with the latest technologies such as interactive mobile and set whiteboards, the E-blocks and a mobile scientific laboratory.

    Khalil Gibran school is a school where each student is respected, valued and supervised. It is with boundless devotion that we help our students in their pursuit of their future. We are committed to prepare our students to live in a multilingual and multicultural world: Our students master English, Arabic as well as French.

    The existence of this school is due to its’ students. The school is engaged to constantly reassess its’ students’ needs in the light of the social, economicand cultural changes. The school always works so as to promote excellence in all the domains. So as to make things better, our values and principles are:

    Respect, Honesty, Solidarity, Altruism and Integrity.

    By allowing studying in small groups, we are able to secure an adapted education to the needs of each student. The layouts of our classrooms and activities used encourage dialogue, breakthroughs as well as better apprehension of cultures.

    We would also like to improve the development of the social aptitudes of our students by implementing the values of respect, open-mindedness and engagement in all our activities.  At the end of their academic career with us, the students will have acquired all the necessary tools so as to interact in an unbounded world.  We would like also to create lasting memories and solid foundations which will guide them throughout their life.

    KGS At Glance

    • Founded in 1986
    • Student body of over 700 students from our Pre-School through High School
    • Student body representing 70 nationalities and growing
    • Trilingual Education (Arabic, English, French) following the guidelines of Cambridge University and of the National Ministry of Education
    • The only exam administrator in Morocco for IGCSE and GCE since 1998
    • Registered as an affiliated center of the University of Cambridge Examinations under N° MA011
    • Internationally recognized ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate standard for quality management systems since 2014
    • Partners with the British Council MA002
    • Accredited to teach the International Moroccan Baccalaureate English option since 2015
    • KGS and Le Kindergarten Marrakech since 2015
    • In progress for the British Schools overseas inspection scheme through OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education), 2016/2017
    • KGS Tangier in planning stage for 2018

    Our School Values


    • Use polite language and a respectful tone of voice.
    • Be considerate and courteous to others.
    • Act fairly with care and compassion.


    • Act with integrity by being truthful
    • Act with a strong sense of fairness and respect for the dignity of others.
    • Be responsible for our own actions
      and their consequences.


    • To relate positively to others
    • To work cooperatively with others


    • Show compassion towards others and be considerate of their feelings.
    • Live in harmony with others and appreciate diversity.
    • To help others by being lessfortunate than themselves
    • To be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.


    • Be honest in all interactions.
    • Be reliable, dependable and trustworthy.
    • Show responsibility and accountability for my actions and others.
    • Have moral courage to do the right thing.